Save time through automation

Automate almost anything inside Jira to save time for Jira administrators, developers, product managers, and anyone else using Jira.

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

Find yourself doing the same tasks over and over inside Jira? Turn those into automations and stop doing repetitive work.

Improve consistency of your Jira data

By reducing the amount of manual data entry, you’ll improve the quality and consistency of your Jira data, giving you better reporting and understanding of your project work.

Use cases

Add sub-tasks on issue creation

For when you have a template of sub-tasks you want done for particular types of new issues.

Auto-assign by country

Support or certain dev tickets may be geo specific, so auto-assigning them by country can save you time.

Auto-assign high priority

When you can identify certain types of issue as high priority, you can save time by automatically turning them to high priority.

Auto-assign issues

If specific issues are known best resolved by particular teams and people, then auto-assign them in real-time.

Auto-close old support issues

Stop spending time cleaning up old tickets by auto-closing outdated support issues.

Auto close parent when all sub-tasks are done

When all sub-tasks are completed often a parent can automatically be closed.

Close duplicate issues

Accidently teammates can put duplicate issues in Jira. Save time by automatically closing duplicates.

Link mentioned issue

Correctly linking issues keeps Jira tidy, but often people just paste a link to associated issues.

Notify for high priority issues

Write comments and at mention stakeholders automatically for high priority issues.

Re-open issue on customer comment

Sometimes customers aren’t done with an issue, so automatically re-open them when receiving new customer comments.