Azure DevOps-Jira Integration

Monitor your developer’s performance, review code, create pull requests, branches, and more with this Jira Azure DevOps Integration.

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Azure DevOps integrated with Jira: every option you need

Every commit is now at your fingertips inside Jira. Stay in the loop with your development team on every issue. Even review and compare code diffs right inside Jira.

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Team Insights with Azure DevOps-Jira integration

Get insights of your team's performance and the number of pull requests and commits they create every day.

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Azure DevOps-Git plugin creates Pull Requests and Branches

Create pull requests and branches from inside Jira. See all of your commit history easily with our repo browser.

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Full Privacy & Support

We don't transmit your data externally and are fully compliant with Atlassian privacy & security policies. Our developers will be glad to help you with any issue. We don't leave any tickets behind.

  • Easy to setup in a few minutes o Automatically syncs repos in real-time
  • Large repo support
  • View Azure DevOps in context with Jira to understand development status
  • Real-time sync of commits
  • View and Create in Jira:
    - Branches
    - Pull requests
    - Tags
  • See all commit details in Jira, including source code diffs
  • Smart Commands in Git Commits:
    - Link to Jira Issue IDs
    - Record time log
    - Assign
    - Transition Jira issues
  • For each project and issue view:
    - All commits
    - Number of lines added and deleted
    - Files updated
    - Users that submitted work
    - Date/time of commits
    - First and last commit
  • Azure DevOps Team Insights in Jira

Take Azure DevOps
and Jira to the Next Level with our integration

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