Save time automatically syncing in new data

Automatically pull in data from any external source, saving you time manually updating Jira issues with product or operational data.

Reduce inconsistencies and errors in workflows

Reduce mistakes by connecting to the data source of truth rather than copying and pasting data from one tool or database into Jira.

See real-time data in Jira so you are never behind

Move faster by always having the latest information from external sources right inside Jira, updated in real-time. Make better quality decisions with accurate data.

Use cases

Customer data is added to Jira issues

For when you want to bring customer data into Jira so developers have more visibility into what they are building.

Asset data gets linked to Jira issues

Track assets with Jira by pulling in asset details from an external data source.

Employee information visible inside Jira

For HR and People needs, connect employee details right inside Jira and use with your workflows like onboarding.

Support details are shown inside Jira issues

Customer support tickets from other external tools like Zendesk or your own database can be pulled into Jira issues.

Product data added to Jira issues

Sync product information from your product database to Jira and use it inside Jira issues.

Operational data linked to Jira issues

Link any operational data about your business to Jira so it can be used in Jira workflows.