Save time using our Faces API

Save time building your own Faces ML predictive algorithm. Simply call our Faces API with your images and get immediate landmark data.

Minimal ML and AI knowledge needed

Now minimal expertise in ML is needed to take advantage of machine learning. Simply call our AI API from your application.

Quality responses from our API

Backed by Google and a world-wide data set, the results of our Faces API is first class.

Use cases

Face landmarks

Identify key landmarks in faces so you can identify repeat people or understand patterns in the faces of your users.


Understand the emotion of your users and face image data set, allowing you to customize experiences and appreciate your users state of mind in different scenarios.


In certain applications headwear can be an indicator of secrecy, entertaining, among others. Understand which faces contain headwear.

Image Quality

Determine image quality. Can be used to assess quality of responses from the API and to understand the quality of your face image data.