Instantly connect to Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket

Quickly connect to all popular cloud repos with simple one click authentication

Connect private self-hosted git repos

Connect to virtually any type of git repo via a secure custom connection

Create branches, pull requests and explore your repo

Work with git right from inside Jira by creating new branches and pull requests

Detailed logging of repo indexing

See every detail to understand how your git repositories are being indexed inside Jira

Quickly load large repos and get real-time sync

Designed to load large repos quickly and provide real-time updated via webhooks for supported Git services

See all commits inside Jira

View all connected commits inside Jira for better understanding of code changes associated with Jira issues.

View source code diffs inside Jira

Compare code changes between various commits, allowing for better code reviews.

For a project view summary of all commits

Understand all of the development work completed for a particular issue or for an entire project.