Work smarter in Slack and Jira

Every issue and blocker is now at your fingertips inside Slack. Stay in the loop with every update on high priority issues.

Amazing Support for Jira to Slack connector

We deliver quick support, right from our integration development team. We don't have open tickets waiting to gather sufficient votes. Every issue gets fast resolution.

Strong Privacy for integration with Jira

Your chat data is stored within Jira and Slack. We don't transmit your data externally and are fully compliant with Atlassian’s privacy and security policies.

Bring your teams closer together

Some part of your organization is inside Slack and doesn’t regularly check Jira. These teammates can be kept in the loop easily.

Control Jira from Slack

Bring the organization and project management capabilities of Jira to inside Slack with slash commands.

Stay up to date

Fine tune notifications to stay up to date on any and every change, update, and completion of Jira issues.

Use cases

Notify of all updates to a Jira issue within a project

For team leads and owners of projects they can keep up to date on all changes in their project.

Notify if an issue is closed

Teammates interested in a particular issue or type of issue can now know when it's closed.

Notify if an issue is assigned to me

Everyone can be instantly notified in Slack when a new issue has been assigned to them.

Notify of all changes to high priority issues

Managers and other team members can stay on top of high priority issues.

Notify if an issue is escalated

Receive Slack notifications when specific issues are escalated.

Notify when a bug is closed

Product, customer success, and other stakeholders can be notified when specific bugs are closed.