Terms of service

We aim to offer prompt service by responding to your support request to Bitband as outlined below. Bitband will apply reasonable effort to provide assistance in accordance with the SLA. We will not be responsible for any delays caused by the client or for any events beyond Bitband's control.

Response time

Bitband provides ticketing support for the add-ons at our support desk. The initial response time (in business hours) to the ticket depends on the severity of the problem:

Level 1: 4 hours
Level 2: 8 hours
Level 3: 16 hours
Level 4: 24 hours

The resolution time of the incident depends upon the complexity of the issue and the time customers take to respond to requests for additional information. Bitband's target is to respond to each communication within the same interval as for initial communication, during business hours.

Bitband's business hours are Mondays to Fridays, 9AM-5PM U.S. Pacific Time. Bitband is closed on major holidays.

Support coverage

Help with installation issues.
Help with upgrade issues.
Help in troubleshooting issues with our add-ons.
Help with loss of functionality and data in the add-on.
Help in determining work-arounds.

Support limitation

Product training. Customers without a valid and current license or active subscription.
Help on non Bitband's add-ons.
Beta or Development releases.
Support of any language other than English